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The best 2016 black twitter posts

Black twitter is a force, an identity that focuses primarily on issues affecting the black community. It cannot be well understood by those who are not a part of it. It describes a large community of black twitter users, their loosely coordinated interactions most of which become trending topics due to the interconnectedness, network size and their unique activity.

Black twitter was responsible for drawing the attention of the entire nation to the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson in August 2014. The witnesses to his killing broke the news via twitter and in no time, the accounts of what had happened had spread through twitter with the hashtags #MikeBrown and #Ferguson.

Other popular black twitter hashtags include #YouOKSis which raises awareness of the harassment in the streets, #IAmJada that calls for solidarity of sexual assault victims, #BringBackOurGirls that focuses on the abduction of the schools going girls in Nigeria and #BlackLivesMatter that adds voice to the much needed reform in the police departments.

Black twitter has used its power to launch different campaigns that criticize different incidences of racial tone deafness common cross the media.


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Notable mixtapes by rapper Chief Keef

On my way to work i listen to chief keef‘s hip hop mixtapes. Chief is a chicago rapper that came into the picture in 2012 with his song “John Madden“.

Bang Pt. 2
After a couple of setbacks in his career, including 60 days in detention, Chief Keef managed to pull out another mixtape titled Bang Pt 2 ( a follow up to Bang) with hosting from DJ Holiday, Michael Blackson, and Mike Epps. Bang Pt 2 was released on August 15th, 2013 with help from Tarentino and Zaytoven as producers. Bang Pt 2 was produced as a solo project with only one track featuring GBE’s Tadoe and Tray Savage.

Almighty So

In less than three months after the release of Bang Pt 2, Chief Keef graced his fans with Almighty so, a project that was released on October 12th, 2013 with hosting from Dj Scream. The project got a boost from Cdai and Tadoe as contributing artists. With its release, Chief Keef showed that he is not tired of adding solid projects to his growing works. Almighty so consists of the following 15 songs that you can wild out to.

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Death of rap music is coming, according to Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, the singer/bassist for one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history has taken a punch against rap as well as pop music. According to him, he is “Looking forward to the death of rap.” which he feels like in ten to twenty years from now won’t exist and there will be something totally new taking its place. The music industry has lost its touch and he feels like it’s mostly due to the internet. While he might still sell millions of records thanks to the internet, a lot of young new acts out there have to give out their music for free which is totally wrong according to Gene.

Kiss emerged from the streets of New York as rap and he says that there has never been a band that has been able to play to stadiums full of fans across the world as they have. Gene said all this while doing an interview with Rolling Stone on the state of the music industry.

source: rollingstone

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Drake Vs. Meek Mill Beef Continues

There is trouble in the rap world in the form of an ongoing feud between rappers Drake and Meek Mill. According to fellow rap world expert Charlamagne, Meek may have won this round. The song in question titled War Pain seems like it is directed right at Drake. However, it seems like Meek was able to outsmart Drake with his lyrics. Charlamagne went on to say that while this song is effective at taking a shot at Drake he thinks that it was released six months too late to have a real impact on him.

Drake has other things on his mind as well. Drake released the song Summer Sixteen and this song is attacking Meek Mill and other established rappers. Drake stated that the younger rappers want to be like him. Charlamagne told Drake that he does not compare to Kayne West and that while he may be allowed to take a shot at Jay-Z, his music he will never reach his level. The rapper then went on to say that nobody else in the rap game is close to reaching the level of Jay-Z at the moment.

While all of this is going on many are worried that the war will take off from the songs to real life. Neither Meek or Drake have gotten physical at this point and the rappers are mainly fighting over Niki Minaj. Meek is currently with this rap queen while there have been rumors that Ms. Minaj and Drake have been more than friends in the past.

These songs are the latest development in this rap war between Meek and Drake. While the rappers continue to take cheap shots at each other fans have to wonder when will this all end.

video via youtube

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Does Hollywood have a diversity problem?

The debate in Hollywood right now is diversity. Hip Hop magazine, The Source, shared its voice to the ongoing debate through its recent cover which shows an Oscar award holding up a fist for Black power. The award is flanked by movie reels that include images of movies that were seen as “snubbed” by the Academy Awards. The article itself discusses whether its too late to sway opinions of Academy members that vote on movies.

There has been a cloud of criticism over the Oscars for their lack of diversity. There were no actors or actresses of color nominated for any role this year. Many believe that actors such as Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan deserved to be recognized. In addition, the Hip Hop biopic, Straight Outta Compton, was only nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Hip Hop artist and actor, Will Smith, was also expected to be nominated for his leading role in Concussion. He also expressed his solidarity by not attending the ceremony.

On the heels of the Grammy Awards, Kendrick Lamar gave an outstanding and ground breaking performance. His critically acclaimed album, To Pimp a Butterfly, tells the story of himself dealing with conflicts and struggles as a black man in America. Hip Hop continues to evolve and rappers are still relying on hip hop from the 90’s for inspiration. Hip Hop has also seen its share of diversity, whether its wanted to or not. Artists like Mackelmore, Iggy Izaela, and Machine Gun Kelly have been able to find their places in the Hip Hop world. But when hardly any black artists won in Hip Hop categories last year, people began to wonder about where the art was headed.

As Hip Hop continues to grow in Hollywood, we will continue to see good and bad changes. We can look back and see how far Hip Hop has come in film and music.

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Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 Grammy Performance Was Breathtaking

Kendrick Lamar did it again. This time, he delivered both creativity and powerful message in his Grammy 2016 performance which turns out to be one of the most amazing in recent years.

He entered the stage in shackles and then approached the mic with chains around his arms and legs while his band was locked away in jail cells around him.

Politically inspired performance started with “The Blacker the Berry” and after the power of the song set him free, we saw some beautiful visual effects in the transition to the “Alright” song that literally set the stage on fire. Kendrick performed the song in front of a giant bonfire. Dancers and drummers were there just to complete the picture of native Africa. With light fading out Kendrick became more energetic than ever in performing his newest song, with some interesting fast-action camera movement following him.

Visually beautiful and certainly memorable performance ended with word Compton written over the image of Africa.

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